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All of our dogs are trained using the Hunt-Smith method as taught by Rick and Ronnie Smith. The silent command system gives you the opportunity to get the best performance from your dog. This system provides a training foundation so your dog receives a clear message of what is expected.

Rick Smith Seminars

Minndakota Kennel offers started dogs at many different levels of training. Listed below is a description and price range.

2 to 6 months: ($750.00 to $1000.00) Pups will have had exposure to Water, Gun-fire, Birds, More Birds, Crate/Travel, Socialization (Kids, Horses, other Dogs, etc.) Retrieving, Handling, and occasionally will be House-Broke/Potty Trained. The importance at this age is proper and positive exposures.

6 to 10 months: ($1000.00 to $1750.00) Pups will have extensive bird work and have had birds killed over them. May be started in foundation training techniques. At this age the pups natural ability (Retrieve, Range, Style, Disposition, Body Conformation, Etc.) will be evident and you will be provided with a good assessment as to the type of dog he/she will become.

  1. to 24 months: ($2500.00 to $3000.00 ) This dog will have completed all of its foundation training and had at least one season with our guide service depending on its age. Will be broke Steady to Wing, Honor other Dogs, Handle to the whistle/verbal commands of Whoa, Here, Over (Direction Change), Kennels, Heel off Lead, E-Collar Trained/ Conditioned, Housebroke, and will have been through Trained Retrieve after completing their first hunting season.

    36 months and Up: (Starting at $3500.00) These dogs have had a great deal of bird exposure. Will have been used a minimum of two hunting seasons with our guide service. Some dogs may have been used in our breeding program and have been retired. This will be a dog you can take home and brag to your friends about...and then feel confident with in the field. Training will be to the dogs full potential (Steady to Wing and Shot, Blind Retrieves, House/Family Companion). There is no guess work to a dog at this level. They will have proven themselves time and time again.

Started Dogs
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