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We are currently offering several studs to the public. We also have a couple prospects that might be of interest to you in the future so keep checking back for updates.

Minndakota's Wildhaven Haus

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We co-own Haus with John. He is a great looking dog that has a lot of style and he points with a ton of intensity, has a good nose, and knows how to use it. His desire in the field is to find you birds. Has good endurance and moves through the field at a nice foot hunters pace. His natural range is that of a true Gun Dog. He runs at a close to medium range and naturally adjusts to the cover. He is one of the strongest natural retrievers I have seen. He weighs approximately 70 pounds and has a OFA rating of (Good).

Outlander's Hemi of Minndakota
DOB 5-22-07

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Hemi continues to show us the foundation of his pedigree runs in his blood. He has displayed all of the qualities we are looking for in a gun dog. He has a great nose and a work ethic like I have never seen before. He is OFA rating (Good) and recently produced a litter of pups that he stamped his traits into.

Stud Fee: $550.00

Minndakota's Hustleburg Enzstrand
DOB 4-30-2007

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Conformation, disposition, athletic and trainability. That is what you will get from this stud. If you are tired of the "Americanized" Shorthairs of today, and want to get back to what made this breed so popular, a true versatile hunting companion. You will recognize that this pedigree gets you to the foundation of this breed. He is OFA (Excellent).

Stud Fee: $600.00

Minndakota's Hahn Von Baroque
DOB 3-2-2007

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Hahn has developed into a great gun dog. He is the product of a breeding to an outside stud that had played the NAVHDA game. Hahn hunts at a close to medium range and has a very natural retrieve on land as well as in the water. He has a great personality above average nose and brings conformation and style to the field. He is 60 lbs with a OFA rating of (Good) He has produced several litters out of our kennel and will continue to be a asset to our breeding program.

Stud Fee: $550.00

Takoda Super Spuds
DOB 5-31-2006

Click link for pedigree

We are very excited to have this stud in our kennel. He has a pedigree that has numerous dogs that people have used to build the foundation of the German Shorthair Pointer of today. His personality,nose, and friendly disposition make him an asset to our breeding program. He is around 68 lbs and has an OFA rating of (Good)

Stud Fee: $ 700.00

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