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Tori Pedigree

Tori is my brothers personal
gun dog. She has been used for
guiding the past 5 years.
She is a hard driving active producer in the bird field. She does honor but you don't see it much. She is normally the one pointing the birds. She is not only a hunting dog she is a great companion. When she is not out in the field hunting she can be found riding around in the truck or just laying around the house. She is 55 lbs and has an OFA rating of (Good).

Val Pedigree

Val is another young female we plan to introduce into our breeding program in the next year. She has developed into a nice birddog. She is very cautious on her birds and will back from as far as she can see. Watch for future litters as she becomes a part of our breeding program. She is a 55 lbs. female with an OFA rating of (Good)

Sadie Pedigree

Sadie is the product of the last breeding of two very nice bird dogs. She has proven to be exactly what we were wanting to capture when we did the breeding. She is a very natural dog that backs, retrieves, and hunts at a close range. She has a ton of style on point and a great personality. She is a stout solid liver 60 lbs female and has an OFA rating of (Good)

Pearl Pedigree

(Under Construction)

Kelsey Pedigree

Kelsey is one of those dogs that not only has a great pedigree behind her she is also a bird dog. She is the total package with outstanding conformation and has field performance to go with it. Plan to see her in our breeding program in the future. She is 55lbs and has an OFA rating of (Excellent)

Bella Pedigree

Shadow Pedigree

Gabbi Pedigree

  1. is a great guide dog. She hunts at a close range and is a natural in the field. Tons of intensity on point and naturally backs and retrieves. The nicest thing about her is she just goes to work and you seldom have to handle her. We are using her in our breeding program because of what she can bring to the next generation of Minndakota Kennel gun dogs. She is around 50 lbs and has an OFA rating of (Good).
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